AmeuApparelCentris Station2nd Floor
BDOATMCentris Station2nd Floor
Belmere Skin Care CenterSkin Care ClinicCentris Station2nd Floor
Bench To GoKioskCentris Station2nd Floor
BonchonDiningCentris StationGround Floor
C.N.AAccessoriesCentris Station2nd Floor
CD-R KingGadget and Electronic ShopCentris Station2nd Floor
Cebuana LhuillierRemittanceCentris Station2nd Floor
Chica Deli FoodsKioskCentris Station2nd Floor
ChowkingDiningCentris StationGround Floor
Citrus ZoneKioskCentris Station2nd Floor
DenteethDental ClinicCentris StationGround Floor
El BonitosKioskCentris Station2nd Floor
Executive OpticalOptical ShopCentris Station2nd Floor
Fatboy’s PizzaDiningCentris Station2nd Floor
FilaShoesCentris Station2nd Floor
Fragrance FactoryFragranceCentris StationGround Floor
FruitasKioskCentris Station2nd Floor
Fuji FilmPhotography and ImagingCentris Station2nd Floor
Giligan’sDiningCentris StationGround Floor
GoldilocksBakeshopCentris Station2nd Floor
Jamaican PattieKioskCentris Station2nd Floor
JockeyUndergarments StoreCentris Station2nd Floor
JollibeeDiningCentris StationGround Floor
Mang InasalDiningCentris StationGround Floor
Memo ExpressKioskCentris Station2nd Floor
Movie Stars CaféDiningCentris StationGround Floor
Office WarehouseOffice and School SuppliesCentris Station2nd Floor
PNBATMCentris Station2nd Floor
Potato CornerKioskCentris Station2nd Floor
PS BankATMCentris StationGround Floor
Razon’sDiningCentris Station2nd Floor
Rest N GoServicesCentris StationGround Floor
Salon OneSalonCentris Station2nd Floor
Shawarma HouseKioskCentris Station2nd Floor
Siomai HouseKioskCentris Station2nd Floor
SM HypermarketSupermarketCentris Station2nd Floor
Sun CellularTelecommunicationsCentris Station2nd Floor
TechnopopCell Phone and AccessoriesCentris Station2nd Floor
The Generics PharmacyDrugstoreCentris Station2nd Floor
Time N’ KaratsJewelry ShopCentris Station2nd Floor
Turk’sKioskCentris Station2nd Floor
Ubod ng SarapKioskCentris Station2nd Floor
VenteAccessoriesCentris Station2nd Floor
WillgainCell Phone StoreCentris Station2nd Floor


7-ElevenConvenience StoreCyberpod ThreeGround Floor
7-ElevenConvenience StoreCyberpod OneGround Floor
Aliah TravelTravel AgencyCyberpod OneGround Floor
ASSI FreshKorean StoreCentris WalkCluster Two
AsyaDiningCentris WalkCluster One
Baby MamaBreastfeeding StoreCentris WalkCluster Three
Banco De OroBankCyberpod ThreeGround Floor
BetterdaysDiningCentris WalkCluster Two
BMWCar DealerCentris WalkSouth Drive
ChatimeDiningCentris WalkCluster One
Chic N HoneyDiningCentris WalkCluster One
Coffe BeanDiningCentris WalkCluster One
EchostoreDiningCentris WalkCluster One
Family MartConvenience StoreCentris WalkCluster One
Infinite EdgeBuilderCyberpod OneGround Floor
Jack’s Loft/ Phohoa/ My ThaiDiningCentris WalkCluster One
JT’s ManukanDiningCentris WalkCluster One
KFCDiningCyberpod ThreeGround Floor
KumonOfficeCyberpod TwoGround Floor
KuseDiningCentris WalkCluster One
Kusina LokalDiningCentris WalkCluster One
Larry and MauDiningCentris WalkCluster One
Lay BareWaxing SalonCentris WalkCluster Three
LazermaxxLasertagCentris WalkCluster One
Mazza ShawarmaDiningCentris WalkCluster One
McDonaldsDiningCentris WalkSouth Drive
MedicardClinicCyberpod TwoGround Floor
MinistopConvenience StoreCyberpod OneGround Floor
Mt. SinaiVeterinaryCentris WalkCluster Three
Neutral GroundsHobby ShopsCentris WalkCluster One
PacsportsSporting Goods StoreCyberpod OneGround Floor
Pancake HouseDiningCentris WalkCluster One
Philippine AirlinesTravelCyberpod OneGround Floor
PNBBankCyberpod OneGround Floor
Ramen KurodaDiningCentris WalkCluster Two
Romantic BaboyDiningCentris WalkCluster Two
Shakey’sDiningCyberpod OneGround Floor
Skin and Body by MedicardSkin ClinicCentris WalkCluster One
Soya BarDiningCentris WalkCluster One
StarbucksDiningCentris WalkCluster Two
Tim HortonsDiningCentris WalkCluster Three
Tokyo TokyoDiningCentris WalkCluster One
TongyangDiningCentris WalkCluster One
Uncle CheffyDiningCentris WalkCluster One
Volvo North EdsaCar DealerCyberpod TwoGround Floor
Whitewall CoffeeDiningCentris WalkCluster One
YangchowDiningCentris WalkCluster One
Yellow CabDiningCyberpod ThreeGround Floor
ZubuchonDiningCentris WalkCluster Three

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