The Happiness District

Celebrate what you love here.

By cultivating a lively and vibrant community, Eton Centris is a fitting place for celebrations. A place that has something to offer for friends and families alike. It is a place where people can follow their hearts and just do what makes them happy. A 12-hectare mixed-use complex that features retail stores, restaurants, offices, event and open spaces for leisure activities, Eton Centris is a destination in its own right.

Keeping Centris connected to the ins and outs of Manila, this commercial center features a wide mix of establishments and services for convenience and productivity.

Enjoy an extensive selection of shopping, dining, and entertainment options in Quezon City’s happy place.

Tying the knot, launching a new product, reuniting with family, training managers, gathering brands – whatever the event, we can host it.

Work spaces designed to cultivate creativity and efficiency ensure smooth work flow and overall employee well-being, no matter the industry.