At the heart of a bustling metro is the beacon of the north: Eton Centris,
a place where passion, authenticity and happiness meet.

Celebrate what you love here

Whether it’s good food, music, or arts,
you can find what makes you happy in Centris.

Cherish moments that last

Live passionately in the soulful side of Quezon City.


March 2019: Juana Rocks

Celebrating women empowerment through music every Saturday, 8PM at Centris Walk Open Grounds

March 2019: Heroes' Project

Show your support to Heroes Project PH every Friday, 8PM at Centris Walk Open Grounds

February 2019: Versions

Blissful romance every Friday and Saturday, 8PM at Centris Walk Open Grounds

Create infinite possibilities

Be at the center of convergence that welcomes enterprises of all shapes and sizes.

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"Sayaw! Sayaw! Sumasayaw ang langit!" Celebrating culture and arts, @nccaofficial and @centrisofficial bring you SAYAW PINOY!
It's #AFurDateWithAKF here at Eton Centris with Libante Strings! 
This event in for the benefit of the rescued dogs of Animal Kingdom Foundation.

#CelebrateWhatYouLoveHere at Eton Centris
Starting the love month right with soulful renditions of your favorite love songs by Libante Strings tonight here at Eton Centris.

#CelebrateWhatYouLoveHere at Eton Centris
ATM: @ivofspades unveils the mural wall here at Eton Centris together with the launching of their new album, "ClapClapClap!"
And the crowd sings along with Raims, Buddy, and Marcus a.k.a. ULTRA COMBO!

#CelebrateWhatYouLoveHere at Eton Centris
ATM: And the main event... ULTRA COMBO!

#CelebrateWhatYouLoveHere at Eton Centris
Let's go! Opening the #EtonCentrisKickOff2019 with Better Days!

#CelebrateWhatYouLoveHere at Eton Centris
It's classic retro night with Kudos Loves 80s.

#CelebrateWhatYouLoveHere at Eton Centris
Mark your calendars as we start the year with a bang! Eton Centris' Kick Off presents ULTRA COMBO on January 19, 2019 (Saturday) at the Centris Walk Open Grounds. Show starts at 7:00 PM.

Relive the music as you sing along with music icons, Raims, Buddy, and Marcus performing your favorite hits.

#CelebrateWhatYouLoveHere at Eton Centris
Nothing beats some mellow and acoustic hits by our featured performer, Doona Coon Trio to unwind this Friday night.

Watch out for the genre of the week in this month's VERSIONS every Friday and Saturday, 8PM at the Centris Walk Open Grounds.

#CelebrateWhatYouLoveHere at Eton Centris
It's the season of giving. It's the season of cheering. It's the season of loving and wishing. 
Have a Merry and Bright Christmas! 
Wishing for a joyful New Year ahead! 😊

#CelebrateWhatYouLoveHere at Eton Centris
Feel the festivities of the holiday season with the performance of Banda Zamora! 🙂

#CelebrateWhatYouLoveHere at Eton Centris

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